About the Midlands Meccano Guild

Photo taken October 1967, it also appeared in the January 1968 Meccano Magazine. Betty Love cuts the cake whilst Bill Winter, Clive Hine, Jack Partridge, Alf Hindmarsh, Ron Fail, Esmond Roden, Ernest Chandler, Bob Faulkner, Arthur Lock, Bert Love, Pat Briggs, Jim Gamble, David Goodman and others (unfortunately not identified) smile for the camera.

(Photograph courtesy of Jim Gamble)

Are we a fatally dimishing band?

A comment from Jim Gamble (Now President of the S.B.M.C.) A more reflective look at the photograph will unfortunately remind us that many of those chaps are no longer with us. An observation which leads me to wonder if, maybe we are a fatally diminishing band.


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