Stoneleigh 2002
which was held on the 24th-26th August 2002, at the Royal Showground.
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All pictures courtesy of Ken Wright and Bob Thompson
Text: Tony Parmee

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John & Cynthia MacDonald

Military Display: Matador Tractor, Howitzer Guns (FH70 & 5.5 in.), a German AA Gun, Ford Canadian Quad and Limber plus 251b Gun, Rapier Missile Launcher with 4 missiles, and Land Rover.
George Illingworth

A Landing Craft Tank Mk.4, an apparatus for drilling square holes and HMS Campanula on a Sea Motion Mechanism (Tony Parmee)
Tony Homden

Army Display: Anti Aircraft Gun on a truck, Searchlight with truck, Sound Location unit.
Tony Parmee

No. 10 Fairground Spider Ride and a nickel trilogy (Eiffel Tower 1912, Lighthouse 1913, S. Wilson's Bus 1915)


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