Stoneleigh Town and Country Festival 1997,

held at the Royal Showground, August 23rd-25th.

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Terry Pettitt

"Dennis Loline Double-Decker"
Terry's Coach Chassis is a work of art, everything is so compact. Have you seen universal joints on a coach prop shaft, made from slide pieces and a collar? Then look at this Coach Chassis.
The Prototype of this Chassis is a "Bristol Lodekka", which was also made under licence as the "Dennis Loline"

The finished Model
Two additional photos made by Terry Pettitt showing more details of the Coach Chassis.
(c) Terry Pettitt (c) Terry Pettitt

John McDonald, ably assisted by Cynthia

Military Vehicles
On display were a Dodge Command Car, a kind of motor cycle, called Kettenkraftrad. A Diamond T Tractor with Trailer and a Sherman Tank which is demonstrated loading the tank onto the trailer and off loading using the power unit in the tank.

A 1920 Rolls Royce Armoured Car completed the display.

All models in army green. This display is typical for John, everything working.

Other models from John McDonald

Alan Partridge

Orrery - optical illusion - torque amplifier - Tatra differential
A rebuild of John Nuttall's Orrery running continuously troughout the three days.
A very interesting optical illusion, where six inch plastic axles were boltet between a pair of face plates at an angle, when rotated at high speed these axles looked curved.
Also on show, a demonstration torque amplifier and a colour mixer. This proved an attraction to the youngsters.
The interesting demo model being the modified Tatra differential for off road vehicles. A lot of thought had gone into designing and building this model, which, when seen, looked so simple.


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